Founder and CEO of®, Ben is a Guinness World Record holder1, for most annual home sales transactions through MLS by an individual sell side real estate agent. As published by The Wall Street Journal, and confirmed by REAL Trends, the industry’s most authoritative source, Caballero is America’s top ranked agent for both total dollar volume and total number of real estate sales in a year.

Caballero is an acclaimed innovator and technological pioneer within the real estate industry. His drive to leverage technology has allowed him to reach unprecedented, historic levels of sales. He invented the® platform, a cutting-edge online technology for builders that enables him to achieve such remarkable sales numbers.

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A real estate broker since the age of 21 and a builder for 18 years, Caballero is also the only agent to exceed $1 billion in residential sales transactions in a single year; a feat first achieved in 2015 and repeated each year since.


2018 billion in volume


2017 billion in volume


2016 billion in volume


2004-2018 billion in volume

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As a former homebuilder, real estate’s first Guinness Word Record holder, Inman Innovator Award winner, and the #1 ranked agent in the US by REAL Trends as published by The Wall Street Journal, Ben lends his expertise to a new series of podcasts “Lessons from the #1 ranked Real Estate Agent in the World,” providing insights on:

  • How Ben Became #1
  • How® Works
  • How to Work with Builders
  • Volume Builders Need a Volume MLS Solution

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American Dream

Interviews with Industry-Leading Professionals

American Dream includes in-depth interviews with Ben Caballero and five other leading professionals from a variety of industries. The focus of these interviews is around their professional lives and the habits they’ve formed that have contributed to their success, both in business and in life.

They also share their thoughts on the American Dream and whether or not they believe it’s still alive.

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