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Pro Selling Tips Shared by World Record-Holding Broker Ben Caballero

Ben Caballero, CEO and broker of, holding Guinness World Record award for “most annual home sales transactions by an individual sell side real estate agent.” Photo courtesy of

After decades selling new homes, Ben Caballero, CEO and broker of in Addison, Texas, has a few tips to share with real estate agents. But there’s another reason to listen to Caballero besides his experience: he’s the only real estate professional to hold a Guinness World Record for the “most annual home sales transactions by an individual sell side real estate agent.”

“One of the best reasons to get into selling new homes is that even in a tight market you won’t run out of inventory to sell,” says Caballero. “If there are no spec homes being built, a builder can build something for your client. One agent told me he switched entirely to selling new construction after a year of writing contracts and never getting paid because his clients kept losing in bidding wars.”

Caballero says that selling new homes is easier than selling existing homes because builders are eager to sell their product and make it as simple as possible. 

“Most builders are scrupulous about paying commissions to buyer’s agents,” says Caballero. “You just have to be prepared to wait until the closing, which can take a little longer than with an existing home.” 

Share the benefits of new homes with your clients

If your clients are among those looking at both new homes and existing homes, Caballero says it’s important for agents to understand the appeal of newly built residences.

While newly built homes cost a little more than existing homes, Caballero says you should explain to your buyers that they can live more comfortably and with a greater peace of mind in a new home. Not only is the home less likely to need repairs, builders include multiple warranties on various elements of the house for one or two years as well as a 10-year warranty on the structure…more

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