A HomesUSA.com survey of home builders revealed that builders using Supra lock boxes and Showing Time increased agent showings by approximately 30%.

Why Many Agents Don’t Show New Homes?

Because It’s a Hassel!


It is Sunday – an agent has a buyer with a 1:00 pm flight and needs to show your home before twelve, but the agent can’t because the home is locked and is not able to contact anyone.

Weekdays – An agent wants to show your home before 10 am or after 6 pm and can’t because the home is locked.

Time – It takes agents much longer to schedule new home showings because agents must call each builder. With Showing Time, agents can schedule several resale showings in a few minutes with single call.

What’s the solution?

Use Supra Lock Boxes and Showing Time! (just like resale homes do)

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