Real Estate Agent Sets World Record

Let the “everything’s bigger in Texas” jokes begin. Ben Caballero will laugh all the way to the bank. Caballero, who already held the world record for selling $1.444 billion worth of homes in 2016, topped that record in 2017 with $1.906 billion in home sales.

Caballero sold 3,556 homes in 2016 and 4,799 homes in 2017. He is a real estate professional with HomesUSA in Addison, Texas and real estate’s first Guinness World Record Holder. He is also the top-ranked real estate professional in the U.S. according to the Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends both in terms of number of homes sold and total annual dollar volume.

The Secret to His Success

Caballero says, “Texas is my not-so-secret sauce,” citing the state’s “vibrant home-building market” and Dallas-Fort Worth in particular. He also mentioned Houston, Austin, and San Antonio as reasons he believes he will break his record again in 2018.

Caballero only works in Texas, unlike most agents operating at his volume. While others opt to work in major cities on the East and West coasts, he focuses on Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

“Because these markets have remained strong and stable in 2018, I’m on pace this year to break my 2017 record,” he said.

Caballero’s Record-Breaking Performance by the Numbers:
  • 3,035 homes sold in DFW in 2017
  • Average price of DFW homes: $395,544
  • 836 homes sold in Houston in 2017
  • Average price of Houston homes: $392,854
  • 733 homes sold in Austin in 2017
  • Average price of Austin homes: $416,475
  • 165 homes sold in San Antonio
  • Average price of San Antonio homes: $402,175


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