Introducing is a continuation of efforts by to help agents sell more new homes. In addition to providing them with excellent listings, we believe agents will sell more new homes if they had a better understanding of the differences between selling existing homes and new homes. To that end the Alliance was formed to teach agents how to work with builders and increase their interest and ability to sell new homes.

Ben Caballero and Bob Hafer created HomesUSAAlliance to educate agents about the differences between selling existing homes and selling new homes. Bob called upon many years of home building experience to write the TREC award winning course. Ben brought many years of experience as a builder and real estate broker. Together they drew from decades of knowledge and experience to create the Alliance and its curriculum.

Agents wanting to increase their income are encouraged to become Certified New Home Sales Agents by attending HomesUSAAlliance’s 2-day, TREC approved, 11-hour Continuing Education course. Between classes, agents and builders have opportunities to meet, get to know each other, and learn more about new homes.

HomesUSAAlliance is currently only available in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, and has plans to expand to other Texas markets around Fall 2019.

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