Top Producing Tech Platform Offered to Homebuilders in Top U.S. Markets

Yahoo Finance, June 15, 2016 — the Texas-based firm that has catapulted Ben Caballero to become America’s number one Realtor® and America’s first billion-dollar agent — announces it is now offering its online sales and marketing platform to builders nationwide, targeting top U.S. new home construction markets in Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia and the Washington D.C. metro area.

Top markets that initially is targeting include Atlanta, Phoenix, Charlotte, Raleigh, Orlando, Tampa, Arlington and Alexandria. These cities, together with the Texas markets serves (Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio metro areas), represent nine of the top 10 homebuilder markets as measured by 2015 single family permits issued.

Caballero, who is the president of and created its online sales and marketing platform, became the first billion-dollar producer in history for total home sales last year, as he was personally responsible for 2,491 home sales, totaling to $1,022,000,000 in 2015. Now Caballero is offering the technology platform he used to accomplish this feat to top builders throughout the U.S.

“This Internet-based technology solves two of the biggest problems all homebuilders face and the bigger the builder, the bigger the problem: it centralizes their listing process and connects them to local agents that will help sell their homes,” says Caballero. “If they have a system to manage their listings at all, it is often paper-intensive, highly inefficient, and non-standardized, with outdated methods for posting, updating and tracking their sales inventory. The result is what they do in every market is different, and builders end up with a hodgepodge system and no ability to track in real-time what is happening with their inventory or sales trends on a company wide basis,” he adds.

The online technology delivers to homebuilders the ability to monitor their Multiple Listing Service (MLS) marketing and management in real-time. Dashboards provide builders with instant insight into their local, regional and national inventory, showing average marketing time, if completed homes have photos, if property descriptions are adequate, and how long each home has been available for sale on a market-by-market basis, and more.

According to Caballero, the platform helps homebuilders eliminate price and availability discrepancies between their website and their local MLS listings. “Our online Realtor reports are available 24/7/365 and are generated in seconds, identifying for builders the Realtors who have sold new homes in specified price ranges and zip codes. These reports also enable builders to monitor their competitions’ listings: by sales, price, zip codes, the selling agent for the most recent 12 months, and a whole lot more,” Caballero adds.

Boasting an average 13-minute turnaround for processing new listings and changes, is focused on providing builders “with the utmost attention to data accuracy,” Caballero says. “Homebuilders who deploy technology gain the best conduit to reach local real estate agents in their markets. That’s always been one of the biggest challenges for most builders, as local agents typically don’t make new home sales a priority. Our marketing system helps homebuilders solve that problem, and delivers more buyers and generates faster home sales.”

The platform, used by many of the top homebuilders in Texas, features a robust media management system, allowing builders to place orders for a listing photo package (a minimum of 25 photos). The system tracks the status of each assignment, from the acceptance by the professional photographer, to confirming that matching the images were uploaded to the listing in the system and are ready for distribution to the MLS and syndicated sites. Caballero says that homebuilders receive more than 40 different services, from CMA reports and automated email alerts, to a comprehensive weekly summary report that is emailed to management and each sales counselor.

“Builders have been slow to adopt technology that leverages the MLS and that translates to slower sales cycles,” says Caballero. “ has reinvented the listing and marketing process for homebuilders to rapidly accelerate new home sales,” he adds, noting that in Texas, his 45 homebuilder clients have reduced their average inventory Days on Market by 15 to 40 days. “Reducing days on market directly and indirectly increases profitability for homebuilders.” reports that the net savings to its builder clients is several times greater than its flat fee.

Caballero, who became a real estate agent at the age of 21, was a homebuilder himself, developed his online platform in 2007 based on a paper-system he perfected over two decades.

Caballero explains that can become the broker of record for builders looking to maintain brand consistency across all markets. “Big builders typically use in-house MLS solutions that are notoriously inefficient and real estate agents say builder listings habitually contain inaccurate information. This is because it is impossible to ensure MLS listings are input timely, accurately and completely with a manual system. MLS listings can have 400 fields or more. We update some listings as many as 30 or more times before they are sold. To fully manage changes in MLS for price, construction stages, sales status, contact information, and incentives requires the power of an specialized online system,” he adds.

About Ben Caballero +
Ben is an acclaimed innovator and technological pioneer within the real estate industry. His drive to leverage technology has allowed him to reach unprecedented, historic levels of sales. Ben has developed a proprietary technology platform,, to aid him in servicing his clients. Ben Caballero is the #1 ranked real estate professional in the USA since 2013 in two categories: (1) number of real estate sales transactions and (2) cumulative transaction (dollar) volume, as published by The Wall Street Journal and as independently confirmed by REAL Trends. In 2015, he had 2,491 home sales representing $1.022 billion in volume, becoming America’s first billion-dollar real estate agent. His lifetime production includes 20,000 home sales totaling more than $6 billion in volume. Caballero received the 2014 Pinnacle Award for Real Estate Entrepreneurship, presented by Keller Williams Realty and in 2013, was named “Most Innovative Real Estate Agent” by Inman News in 2013. He is a lifelong REALTOR® and has been a real estate broker since the age of 21. He is a current member of the board of directors of the Greater Metro Multiple Listing System of the MetroTex Association of REALTORS®. Follow Ben on Twitter at @bcaballero and learn more about online.

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