America’s #1 Real Estate Agent Isn’t from Manhattan or Beverly Hills, but Texas

America’s #1 Real Estate Agent Isn’t from Manhattan or Beverly Hills, but Texas

Yahoo Finance, June 26, 2017

America’s number one real estate agent doesn’t cater to the rich and famous in Beverly Hills, or the titans of Wall Street in Manhattan. Ben Caballero is the broker-owner of®, based in Addison, Texas, and sells new homes to Texans for more than 60 top builders in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

Caballero was named America’s top individual real estate agent for the sixth straight year, landing atop the coveted REAL Trends “The Thousand” list for selling 3,556 homes last year: he sold seven times more homes than his closest competitor, who sold 467 homes. His home sales last year totaled a new individual real estate agent sales record of $1.444 billion, breaking his own previous record of $1.022 billion, set last year when he became the world’s first “Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent.”

REAL Trends ranks the top sales professionals in the United States by transaction sides and sales volume, and Caballero led the REAL Trends “The Thousand” in both the 2017 Individuals by Transaction Sides and 2017 Individuals by Sales Volume. This ranking is done in partnership with The Wall Street Journal and requires independent third-party verification.

The total number of homes Caballero sold last year increased by more than 42% last year and his dollar volume increased by more than 43%, despite the fact that economists warned last year that home sales in Texas might suffer from the volatility in oil prices.

But Dallas-Ft Worth area-based Caballero continues to point out that Texas is not as dependent on oil as it once was. “Dallas is headquarters to 21 Fortune 500 firms. Austin is a hub for technology, education and legislation. San Antonio continues to benefit from a massive military base, and even though Houston has oil dependency, it still continues to see more home sales and price increases,” Caballero said.

Caballero also is the only individual real estate agent ever to surpass the total production of the number one ranked real estate teams in “The Thousand” list, as measured by total sales transactions (sides) and total transaction volume, as verified by REAL Trends. Caballero sold nearly twice as many homes in both dollar volume and number of homes than the top real estate teams in the “The Thousand” list this year…more

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